About me
Biographical information:
27.04.1967: Born in Cologne/Germany
1986: High School diploma
1989–1992: Study of fine Arts, Academy of Applied Arts Vienna, Vienna, Austria.
Completed with degree of Magister Artium
1993/94: Study of comparative vertebrate anatomy and scientific illustration (among other course-
work), University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia/USA.
1994–1996: Study of medical illustration, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia/USA.
Completed with degree of Master of Science.
1996/97: Internship as medical illustrator at the Arizona Heart Institute, Phoenix, Arizona/USA.
Since 1997: Freelance medical illustrator in Cologne, Germany.
Work for a variety of clients, including publishing companies, medical technological
and pharmaceutical companies, advertising and PR-agencies, and others.
1992: Graduation from the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria with Award of Excellence.
1996: Orville Parkes Award for best piece in show, student salon, AMI Meeting Cincinnati.
2001: Award for Book Art, German Publishers and Booksellers Association, Category Science.

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